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(served from 18:00hrs onwards)

Villager Menu: Our Food

Duck sliders


Mini buns filled with confit duck leg, red cabbage and coriander slaw

Beetroot cured salmon


Inhouse cured salmon in rock salt and beetroot puree, accompanied with black olive cream cheese, petit salad and caper berries

Chicken liver pate


Port and thyme jelly, accompanied with toasted brioche

Bruschetta classica


Tomato concise, onions and fresh basil, marinated in olive, served on toasted sourdough bread

Soft shell tacos


Filled with coloured peppers, chicken, onions, tomato chilli salsa, finished with fresh coriander leaves

Main courses

Villager Menu: Our Food

Octopus ragout


Octopus cooked with garlic, onions, black olives, capers, mint, potatoes and a rich tomato sauce,
accompanied with garlic and thyme fougasse

Chicken curry mango


Braised chicken thighs in a rich curry and mango cream sauce, served with mash potato and accompanied with a side salad

Pork belly confit


Accompanied with celeriac puree, dauphinoise potatoes, seasonal mixed vegetables and grainy
mustard jus

Braised beef rib


Boneless beef rib set on a bed of grilled vegetables, mash potato, red wine and thyme reduction

Sea bass al cartoccio


Cooked in white wine, Mediterranean consasse and lemon zest, served with braised leeks and Tarragon Beurre Blanc

Pasta and Risotto

Orecchiette pesto genovese


Tossed with homemade basil pesto and topped with coppa stagionata

Spaghetti Carbonara


Tossed with egg yolks and pecorino cheese, finished with crispy guanciale

Gnocchettini prawns


Tossed with cherry tomatoes, zucchini and prawn bisque, topped with fried capers and tail on prawns

Cavatelli ala villager


Tossed with Maltese sausage ragout and sun-dried tomatoes, garnished with crumbled peppered local cheeselets

Duck risotto


Carneroli rice cooked with shallots, garlic, thyme and white wine, accompanied with confit duck leg and snap pea purée, finished with parmesan and soft herb butter

Crab and lobster ravioli 


Tossed with chilli, ginger, confit cherry tomatoes and prawn bisque

Villager Menu: List

Kids menu

Bambini Margherita


Tomato basil sauce and mozzarella

Focaccia funghi


Mozzarella, cream and sliced mushrooms

Luca's pasta


Mini rigatoni tossed with creamy cheese sauce or with tomato sauce

Grilled chicken and veg bowl


Grilled chicken, oven baked seasonal vegetables, cherry tomatoes and kale

Chicken Little


Breaded chicken bites served with chips or smileys

Krabby Patty


Beef patty served in a brioche bun, topped with sliced Edam cheese, served with chips or smileys

Nutella and Oreo pancakes


Two pancakes topped with Nutella and crushed Oreo cookies

Strawberry and marshmallows pancakes


two pancakes topped with strawberry compote, whipped cream and marshmallows

Villager Menu: List

Platters to share

The typical Villager board (serves 2)


Sundried tomatoes, local peppered cheeselets, Maltese bigilla, garlic, and parsley marinated butter beans, tomato paste, preserved olives, and Maltese sausage, served with water biscuits and bread

Meat and cheese board (serves 2)


A selection of fine cured meats, salumi, and cheeses from around the world served with honey, red wine poached figs, garlic thyme crostini, toasted walnuts, water biscuits, and bread

Villager Menu: Our Food
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